Optical and Quantum Engineering
Instrumentation Physics
Quantum Beam and Plasma Engineering
Nano-Technology and Nano-Science
Semiconductor Electronics
Optoelectronics and Spintronics
Power Electronics
Materials Science and Engineering

Optical and Quantum Engineering

ITOH Masahide  Laboratory
Research on optical information processing and photonic devices. Development of photosensitive polymer, photonic crystal device. Optical metrology, optical computing, holography.
HATTORI Toshiaki  Laboratory
Generation and application of terahertz waves. Femtosecond nonlinear optical measurements.
YASUNO Yoshiaki  Laboratory
This group is working for three-dimensional medical imaging based on optical coherence tomography and adaptive optics. These applications in ophthalmology, vision science and dermatology are also performed.
HADA Masaki  Laboratory
Femtosecond time-resolved electron diffraction measurements: filming “molecular movies” of photo-reactive or responsive materials.
WATANABE Norio  Laboratory
X-ray optics and applied optics. Development of high-resolution x-ray microscope. Biological specimens and new materials are studied.

Instrumentation Physics

SASAKI Masahiro  Laboratory
Ultimate measurements and control of surfaces and interfaces of nano- and molecular- electronics materials by means of molecular beam scattering techniques and scanning probe microscopy.
SHIRAKI Kentaro  Laboratory
Control of protein folding and development for novel nanobiomaterial.
SEKIGUCHI Takashi (Advanced SEM Technology Laboratory)  Laboratory
Development of material characterization techniques using scanning electron microscope (SEM). Angle & energy resolved secondary electron (SE) detection for SE spectroscopy.
SOHDA Yasunari (Advanced SEM Technology Laboratory)  Laboratory
Studies of electron optics and electron-beam/solid interaction. Proposal of new scanning electron microscope.
KOBAYASHI Nobuhiko  LaboratoryHP nofollow”>Laboratory
Condensed matter theory. Computational material science. Density functional theory for nonequilibrium systems. Theory of charge, heat, and spin transport in nanoscale systems.
FUJITA Jun-ichi  Laboratory
Material science and engineering with electron and ion-beam induced excitation for creating carbon based new functional structure, exploring solid state physics, and electronic device application.
ISHII Hiroyuki  Laboratory
Development of simulation methodology based on quantum theory for charge transport, thermal transport, and thermoelectric properties of organic semiconductors, and its application to material development.
ITO Yoshikazu  Laboratory
Development of novel metal/carbon nanoporous materials for realizing sustainable societies and creation of new energy devices.
TERADA Yasuhiko  Laboratory
Development of novel NMR imaging systems and new applications in NMR imaging.
YAMADA Yoichi  Laboratory
Basic researches on next-generation materials in organic and hydrogen nanotechnology. Nano-scale engineering utilizing self-organization phenomena.
SEKIBA Daiichiro  Laboratory
Structure and electronic state study of hydrogen storage metals and metalloprotein by high energy ion beam and synchrotron radiation.
AKADA Keish  Laboratory
Development of synchrotron radiation techniques for observing dynamic structural change of non-Newtonian fluid. Synthesizing and measuring physical properties of nanocarbon materials.
JEONG Samuel  Laboratory
Development of a time-resolved electron microscopy technique to observe dynamic property changes in non-Newtonian fluids.
TSURUTA Ryohei  Laboratory
Study of surface science of novel electron source materials for next generation electron microscopes.

Quantum Beam and Plasma Engineering

EZUMI Naomichi  Laboratory
Experimental studies are conducted mainly using the world’s largest tandem mirror device GAMMA 10/PDX in the Plasma Research Center on physics problems in the course of achieving controlled thermo-nuclear fusion. Especially, focusing on edge and divertor physics in the magnetic confinement fusion devices.
TOMITA Shigeo  Laboratory
Applied atomic physics. Studies on clusters and biomolecules in vacuum. Radiation physics concerning environmental studies.
TOGO Satoshi  Laboratory
Kinetic/fluid numerical simulations and modeling improvement of plasma transport in inhomogeneous, open magnetic field systems such as edge regions of magnetic fusion devices and the mirror device in Plasma Research Center.

Nano-Technology and Nano-Science

SHIGEKAWA Hidemi  Laboratory
Development of new microscopy techniques based on scanning probe microscopy and advanced quantum optical technologies, and their application for research in nanoscale science and technology.
HASE Muneaki  Laboratory
Coherent spectroscopy of nanostructures by using ultrashort pulse laser and developments of ultrafast optical devices using coherent control.
UMEDA Takahide  Laboratory
Magnetic resonance spectroscopy on LSIs and power-electronics devices with ultra-low-power consumption performances. Development of new quantum sensing devices.
TAKEUCHI Osamu  Laboratory
Development of new microscopy techniques based on scanning probe microscopy and advanced quantum optical technologies, and their application for research in nanoscale science and technology.
MAKIMURA Tetsuya  Laboratory
Interactions of laser-generated EUV and X-rays with matters and applications to micro- and nanomachining.
YOSHIDA Shoji  Laboratory
Our research target is to understand and develop nanoscale science and technologies of such as surface science, molecular physics, and new functional materials and devices. To realize these studies, we develop new microscopy techniques based on scanning probe microscopy and advanced laser technologies, which, for example, enable ultimate spatial and temporal resolutions, simultaneously.
OIGAWA Haruhiro 
Experimental study on nano physics and spectroscopy.
ARASHIDA Yusuke  Laboratory
Ultrafast and atomic-scale phenomena studied by combination of sub-cycle mid-infrared optical pulses and scanning tunneling microscopy
AFALLA Jessica Pauline Castillo  Laboratory
Using ultrafast spectroscopy to obtain material parameters and to understand carrier dynamics in semiconductors and other materials
MOGI Hiroyuki  Laboratory
Development of new microscopy techniques based on scanning probe microscopy and advanced quantum optical technologies, and their application for research in nanoscale science and technology.
MIYAKE Koji(AIST)  Laboratory
Research and development on functionalization of material by surface coating and surface microstructure and their practical application

Semiconductor Electronics

UEDONO Akira  Laboratory
Study of semiconductor-device related materials by means of positron annihilation. Developments of positron annihilation techniques for the characterization of materials.
SANO Nobuyuki  Laboratory
Simulation and theoretical study of electron transport under nanoscale semiconductor device structures, and their device simulations and modeling.
SUEMASU Takashi  Laboratory
Fabrication of ultrathin high-efficiency solar cells on flexible substrates, thermoelectric materials, and transition metal nitrides for current-induced domain wall motion.
TOKO Kaoru  Laboratory
Research on materials and processes for highly functional thin films for flexible energy devices
HASUNUMA Ryu  Laboratory
Dielectric film formation process and novel nano-scale characterization technique for future generation LSI.
OKUMURA Hironori  Laboratory
Crystal growth and device applications of semiconductors with a focus on Nitrides and Oxides.
Selvakumar Sellaiyan  Laboratory
Positron annihilation technique based nano structured and Semiconductor materials.
MAKINO Toshiharu (AIST)  Laboratory
Research on unique properties of diamond. Development of electronic and quantum devices using their unique properties.

Optoelectronics and Spintronics

OHNO Yuzo  Laboratory
Characterization of electrical, optical, and spin properties of semiconductor quantum nanostructures, and study on spin coherence in semiconductor nanostructures and its application to and low power consumption technology.
YANAGIHARA Hideto  Laboratory
Development of novel materials for spintronics. Fabrication and characterization of magnetic devices composed of metal and oxide materials.
SAKURAI Takeaki  Laboratory
Study on highly efficient photovoltaic cells using multinary compound semiconductors and organic semiconductors. Defect analysis in power semiconductor devices.
Muhammad Monirul ISLAM  Laboratory
Growth and characterization of nanostructured silicon-baesd material for application in energy devices. Study of photocatalyst materials. Defects study in semiconductors.
Sonia SHARMIN  Laboratory
Magneto-optical studies and simulations of magnetic materials, in particular ferromagnetic oxide thin films.
Traore Aboulaye  Laboratory
Research on the physics and engineering of ultra-wideband semiconductor devices (Diamond, Ga2O3), and their use to reduce energy loss in power-electronics applications.
YUASA Shinji (AIST)  Laboratory
Research and development of magnetic tunnel junctions, magnetoresistive random access memory MRAM and other spintronics devices.

Power Electronics

IWAMURO Noriyuki  Laboratory
Research and development of high performance/high reliable power semiconductor devices, especially like SiC-MOSFETs and SiC-SBDs, for an energy saving of power electronics equipments and power supplies.
ISOBE Takanori  Laboratory
Research on efficiency and power-density improvement of power converters with new circuit topologies and control development. Development of new applications in power-electronics.
YANO Hiroshi  Laboratory
Research on ultra-low-loss SiC power semiconductor devices, particularly improvement in SiC-MOS device performance and understanding of its interface physics, toward power electronics innovations.
MANNEN Tomoyuki  Laboratory
Research on efficiency-improvement and size-reduction of power converters with circuit topology and control technique utilizing power semiconductor devices, and reliability evaluation of the power devices.
YAMAGUCHI Hiroshi (AIST)  Laboratory
Developments of high performance power converters (power electronics) for high efficiency energy use and sustainable society.
KOJIMA Kazutoshi (AIST)  Laboratory
Research and development on wide gap semiconductor epitaxial growth technique such as SiC and its characterization. Development of power device with new structure by using epitaxial growth technique.

Materials Science and Engineering

TAKANO Yoshihiko (NIMS)  Laboratory
We are focusing on the physical properties of high-Tc superconductor, diamond supercondutor, Fe-besed superconductor BiS2-based superconductor and carbon nanotube. Development of novel devices, including optical and field effect devices, using superconductos and nano-technologies are tergets.
TAKEDA Yoshihiko (NIMS)  Laboratory
We investigate optical nonlinearity, transient optical response and nano-local field optical phenomena of inorganic and organic nanomaterials with femtosecond spectroscopy. We also study control of nano-scale structures, surface modification with advanced ion beam technology and nanoparticle assembly with biomolecules.
TANG Jie (NIMS)  Laboratory
Aiming for the most sophisticated industrial use in electron imaging and energy storage, we investigate graphene and rare-earth compounds nanowires among other nanomaterials for applications in supercapacitors and electron emitters.
FUKATA Naoki (NIMS)  Laboratory
Fundamental and application researches on next-generation high-speed semiconductor transistors and energy-related new materials using functionalized semiconducting nanostructures and composite nanomaterials.
HU Xiao(NIMS)  Laboratory
Starting from the basic notions of physics, we develop new frontiers of condensed matter physics, which hopefully lead to advanced quantum functionalities. Recently we are exploring topological properties in electronic states in materials and wave propagations in periodic media.
MITANI Seiji (NIMS)  Laboratory
Development of new magnetic materials and nanostructures by atomic scale control based on state-of-the-art thin film growth techniques. Searching and understanding new functionalities in spin transport and their application to spintronic devices.
YOSHIKAWA Genki(NIMS)  Laboratory
Development of new molecular sensors/systems towards global-standard artificial olfaction, mobile breath analysis, and new blood/fluid test. Fusion of physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, economics, and cultural anthropology.
ISHII Satoshi(NIMS)  Laboratory
Studies on developing novel photonic nanostructures for extraordinary optical properties and photoelectric/photothermal conversions. Includes both numerical and experimental works to develop, for examples, optical metamaterials and photonic nanostructures to harvest sunlight as well as solar heat.
UCHIDA Ken-ichi(NIMS)  Laboratory
Development of novel science and technology of “Spin caloritronics”, an interdisciplinary field between spintronics physics and thermal energy engineering. Spin caloritronics enables unconventional thermoelectric generation and thermal energy control, which are investigated by cutting-edge heat and spin detection techniques.
SAKURABA Yuya(NIMS)  Laboratory
Focusing on special transport and thermoelectric effects derived from magnetism and spin, we fabricate and characterize magnetic thin film materials and multilayer nanostructures. In addition to the basic research, we are also conducting applied research for practical devices such as next-generation data storage, ultra-sensitive magnetic sensors, and novel thermoelectric power generation applications.
YAMAGUCHI Takahide(NIMS)  Laboratory
Research on the fundamental properties of advanced electronic materials such as diamond and twodimensional materials and the development of functional devices, e.g., quantum devices with nitrogenvacancy centers in diamond and high-performance diamond transistors. Our research involves film growth, device fabrication, and electrical characterization.