Quantum Beam and Plasma Engineering

Associate Professor

Plasma, Nuclear Fusion, Plasma-Gas Interaction

Experimental studies are being conducted on physical issues to realize controlled fusion energy using the world’s largest tandem mirror device “GAMMA 10/PDX” and a simple mirror device with superconducting coils “Pilot GAMMA PDX-SC” in the Plasma Research Center. Especially, focusing on edge and divertor physics in the magnetic confinement fusion devices.

Associate Professor 

ion beam, clusters, biomolecules

Applied atomic physics. Studies on clusters and biomolecules in vacuum. Radiation physics concerning environmental studies.

Assistant Professor

plasma, nuclear fusion, numerical simulation

Kinetic/fluid numerical simulations and modeling improvement of plasma transport in inhomogeneous, open magnetic field systems such as edge regions of magnetic fusion devices and the mirror device in Plasma Research Center.

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