Power Electronics


Power Semiconductor Devices, SiC

Research and development of high performance/high reliable power semiconductor devices, especially like SiC-MOSFETs and SiC-SBDs, for an energy saving of power electronics equipments and power supplies.

Associate Professor

Power-electronics, Power Engineering, Smart-grid

Research on efficiency and power-density improvement of power converters with new circuit topologies and control development. Development of new applications in powerelectronics.

Associate Professor

power device, silicon carbide, MOS interface

Research on ultra-low-loss SiC power semiconductor devices, particularly improvement in SiC-MOS device performance and understanding of its interface physics, toward power electronics innovations.

Assistant Professor 

Power converter circuit, digital control, power-device evaluation

Research on efficiency-improvement and size reduction of power converters with circuit topology and control technique utilizing power semiconductor devices, and reliability evaluation of the power devices.

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