Optoelectronics and Spintronics


spintronics, semiconductor quantum structures

Characterization of electrical, optical, and spin properties of semiconductor quantum nanostructures, and study on spin coherence in semiconductor nanostructures and its application toward low power consumption technology.


Photovoltaic cells, Power Semiconductor Devices, Crystalline Defects

Study on highly efficient photovoltaic cells using multinary compound semiconductors and organic semiconductors. Defect analysis in power semiconductor devices.


magnetic oxides, epitaxial films, advanced magnetic materials

Development of novel materials for spintronics. Fabrication and characterization of magnetic devices composed of metal and oxide materials.

Associate Professor

nano-structured silicon, thin-film photocatalysts, crystal defects

Growth and characterization of nanostructured siliconbaesd material for application in energy devices. Study of photocatalyst materials. Defects study in semiconductors.

Assistant Professor

machine learning, magneto-optical studies, technical English education

Machine learning techniques to analyze magneto-optical studies.

Assistant Professor

Semiconductor physics, physics & engineering of power devices, ultra wide bandgap semiconductors

Research on the physics and engineering of ultra-wideband semiconductor devices (Diamond, Ga2O3), and their use to reduce energy loss in power-electronics applications

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