Optical and Quantum Engineering


applied optics, optical measurement, bio-photonics

Research on optical information processing and photonic devices. Development of photosensitive polymer, photonic crystal device. Optical metrology, optical computing, holography.


terahertz, nonlinear optics, laser

Generation and application of terahertz waves. Femtosecond nonlinear optical measurements.


Optical interferometry, medical imaging, optical coherence tomography

This group is working for three-dimensional medical imaging based on optical coherence tomography and adaptive optics. These applications in ophthalmology, vision science and dermatology are also performed.

Associate Professor

Femtosecond laser, Ultrafast phenomena, Structural dynamics, Electron diffraction

Femtosecond time-resolved electron diffraction measurements: filming “molecular movies” of photo-reactive or responsive materials.


X-ray microscopy, X-ray CT, Phase-contrast

X-ray optics and applied optics. Development of high-resolution x-ray microscope. Biological specimens and new materials are studied.

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