Surface Science



surface microstructure fabrication, surface coating, surface analysis, tribology

Research and development on functionalization of material by surface coating and surface microstructure and their practical application.

Semiconductor Electronics

MAKINO Toshiharu (AIST)


Diamond, Materials science, electronic device, Quantum device

Research on unique properties of diamond. Development of electronic and quantum devices using their unique properties.

Optoelectronics and Spintronics



spintronics, magnetics, materials science

Research and development of magnetic tunnel junctions, magnetoresistive random access memory MRAM and other spintronics devices.

Power Electronics



Electric Power Conversion, Power Electronics, Energy Management

Developments of high performance power converters (power electronics) for high efficiency energy use and sustainable society.

KOJIMA Kazutoshi (AIST)

Associate Professor

Power electronics, wide gap semiconductor, materials science

Research and development on wide gap semiconductor epitaxial growth technique such as SiC and its characterization. Development of power device with new structure by using epitaxial growth technique.

Optoelectronic Nanomaterials Engineering

UCHIDA Ken-ichi (NIMS)


Spintronics, Spin current, Thermoelectric conversion, Thermal energy engineering

Development of novel science and technology of “Spin caloritronics”, an interdisciplinary field between spintronics physics and thermal energy engineering. Spin caloritronics enables unconventional thermoelectric generation and thermal energy control, which are investigated by cutting-edge heat and spin detection techniques.

TAKANO Yoshihiko (NIMA)


superconductivity, high pressure, machine learning

Our lab is developing novel functional materials such as high-Tc superconductors and magnetic refrigeration materials and so on. Using materials informatics, including machine learning and first-principles calculation, we search for candidate materials. We synthesize and evaluate candidate materials by newly developed diamond anvil cell that can measure physical properties multimodally under high pressure. Our ultimate goal is to discover roomtemperature superconductivity, a dream of humankind.

TAKEDA Yoshihiko (NIMS)


nonlinear optical response, nanomaterials, ion beam

We investigate optical nonlinearity, transient optical response and nano-local field optical phenomena of inorganic and organic nanomaterials with femtosecond spectroscopy. We also study control of nano-scale structures,
surface modification with advanced ion beam technology and nanoparticle assembly with biomolecules.



Advanced Low-Dimesional Nanomaterials, Graphene and Carbon Nanotubes, Energy Storage Materials

Aiming for the most sophisticated industrial use in electron imaging and energy storage, we investigate graphene and rare-earth compounds nanowires among other nanomaterials for applications in supercapacitors and electron emitters.



Semiconductors, energy-related materials, nanostructurese

Fundamental and application researches on next-generation high-speed semiconductor transistors and energy-related new materials using functionalized semiconducting nanostructures and composite nanomaterials.

HU Xiao (NIMS)


condensed matter theory, topological phenomenon, quantum functionality

Starting from the basic notions of physics, we develop new frontiers of condensed matter physics, which hopefully lead to advanced quantum functionalities. Recently we are exploring topological properties in electronic states in materials and wave propagations in periodic media.



Spintronics, Magnetic nanostructure, Spin transport, Spinorbit coupling

Development of new magnetic materials and nanostructures by atomic scale control based on state-of-the-art thin film growth techniques. Searching and understanding new functionalities in spin transport and their application to spintronic devices.



Nanomechanical Sensor, Olfactory Sensor, Materials Informatics

Development of new molecular sensors/systems towards global-standard artificial olfaction, mobile breath analysis, and new blood/fluid test. Fusion of physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, economics, and cultural anthropology.

ISHII Satoshi (NIMS)

Associate Professor

Nanophotonics, Metamaterial, Plasmonics, Photothermal conversion, Photoelectric conversion

Studies on developing novel photonic nanostructures for extraordinary optical
properties and photoelectric/photothermal conversions. Includes both numerical and experimental works to develop, for examples, optical metamaterials and photonic nanostructures to harvest sunlight as well as solar heat.


Associate Professor

Spintronics device, Magnetic functional material, Magnetothermoelectric material

Focusing on special transport and thermoelectric effects derived from magnetism and spin, we fabricate and characterize magnetic thin film materials and multilayer nanostructures. In addition to the basic research, we are also conducting applied research for practical devices such as next-generation data storage, ultra-sensitive magnetic sensors, and novel thermoelectric power generation applications.


Associate Professor

Nanoscience, Diamond, Two-dimensional materials

Research on the fundamental properties of advanced electronic materials such as diamond and two-dimensional materials and the development of functional devices, e.g., quantum devices with nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond and high-performance diamond transistors. Our research involves film growth, device fabrication, and electrical characterization.

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